The Hair Gallery Services

In our wide range of bespoke services, we offer a tailored experience to every customer, that is as unique as their hair.
We advise you on your cutting and styling suited to your lifestyle and image which is a crucial component in todays busy world.

We offer services that can enhance and modernise your style, bringing your haircut to life. This can include adding depth, tone, shine & gloss to make your hair stand out. We also highlight and balayage which are popular services keeping in line with today’s trends.

We will offer styling tips to everyone and give advice to those who are always on the go what products and techniques to use.
At home maintenance is also a key component of any hairstyle’s lifespan, and we offer an extensive range of products that will take care of your hair. Often, we forget our hair has needs too and we offer at home treatments tailored to your hairs needs.
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Haircut Services

The Hair Gallery Salon

Cutting Services

Cutting Services

The Restyle & Blow-dry

For a refresh or to update your look with our bespoke restyle.

The Maintaining your Look Cut

This is your maintenance cut for keeping your style fresh and easy to manage.

Blow-dry & Styling Services

We offer a tailored blow-drying experience to every customer, ranging from classic straight and curly blow-dries to beach waves.

Styling Services

Styling Services

Colouring Services

Colouring Services

Maintenance Colouring Services

We are a Wella colour exerts salon with an extensive range to suit all your needs.

Traditional Highlighting Services

Add a little of what your heart desires.

Hair Painting Services

The lived in natural low maintenance service

Bleach & Tone Services

Colour Correction Services

Toning Services

We love the Shades EQ by Redken for all your toning needs

Available Treatments

Conditioning Treatment Service

We stock a wide range of treatments for salon and home use.

Bond Building Treatments

Rebuild from the internal structure of the hair.

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